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First Choice Entertainment

No matter how busy we may be, your VIP Membership guarantees you premiere access to any dancer you have your eye on. Yes, you are basically a bad-ass with this card in your possession.

No Cover Charge

Cover charge? What cover charge? With the VIP Membership all of your cover charges are waived. Now you have no excuse to come see us every day of the week.

Preferred Seating

Gain access to exclusive seating where you have first choice on the available entertainers. Nobody wants to settle for whatever open seat they can find, grab your seat next to your favorite entertainer.

Frequent Visitor Bonus

Do we honestly need to offer a bonus for you to come say hey everyday? Get exclusive bonus prizes for being a frequent visitor with the VIP Membership, and don't forget about the super secret extra special stuff too.  

Special Event Parties

Not only do we have special events every month for the public, we also host private employee only event parties that you have the chance to attend. Can you imagine the sh*t that goes down at the employee parties? Better not miss out.

Drink Specials

Not only do we offer daily drink specials for every day of the week, we offer exclusive drink specials to our VIP Members! What more do we need to do to show you that VIP is the only way to be a boss?

Request VIP Membership

Now is your chance to experience Flirts like you never have before with our Exclusive VIP Membership. Click the button below to contact us and receive pricing on this amazing membership.

Flirt's Gentlemens Club